Mar 262012

Can Spirits Help Us?    And… 3 messages go out to:


Leanne – Dad says hi!

Sherry – You’re such a great mom!

Angele – You’re on the right track!


Hope you enjoy your messages from the other side… for those who weren’t chosen or for those viewing this vlog, you may be able to relate to some of these messages…


Love to you, Jay


PS… If you’d like a chance to receive a message from the other side, you may respond to this vlog.


See you there!

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  7 Responses to “Can Spirits Help Us?”

  1. hi jay

    love the vlog!
    just wanted to know if my father is around and if he has any messages for me…. messages of hope mabey! hes been gone now since 2005, miss him greatly … thank you

  2. Hi Jay, am looking forward to my inperson session later this year. You bring a great service to help people validate their loved ones or find closure and peace. Many blessings to you.

  3. Good morning,

    I cannot tell you how grateful i am that i was picked for a v-blog. I think my heart skipped a beat when i saw my name. The reading was OMG so accurate it is amazing. The funny thing is the lady that came through that you were referring to was one of my clients that passed a few weeks ago. I actually jokingly said to myself… no one else has come through so if anyone can his lady will, as she was full of gusto and had a very strong personality and was fiesty but in a good way. It was great that she was able to deliver this message. I look forward to seeing you May 1st and thanks again. This gives me the kick i need to keep going and stop second guessing myself. You truly are an angel and what a great gift you have.

  4. good afternoon jay.

    i always enjoy your messages.i have had one session with you and it was very moving for me.thank you.i would like to know if my father or husband have a message for me.need a little guidance regarding my house. i miss them so much.

  5. I was very please that I found your website. Jay, what ever you can tell me.I miss my parents.

  6. Hi, Jay I have a session with you in August, but I would like to know before our session is my dad upset for what my mom is doing? Also is my dad upset with me? Thanks Jay.

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