Mar 142012

Hi everyone.. and welcome to the March 14th, 2012 “Loved Ones Come Through” Vlog.  I’m sooo excited about the messages that I received from spirit. Could there be a MESSAGE for YOU?? They certainly had alot to say today.. and work in mysterious ways to get their messages across, so yes, a message could also be waiting just for YOU!

I hope you enjoy this VLOG (Video Blog). YOU are all SO AMAZING!  Thank YOU for your unconditional love and support, and for making this VLOG a SUCCESS!  YOU mean the world to me!

Love to you.. Jay

PS. Please feel free to post comments or validations below this video. I’d love to hear how spirit has affected you!

For a chance to be considered to receive a message from your loved ones, please post your request below the video on the website, or send me an email to: Note that I VLOG every two weeks or so to give out these messages, intended for you :)

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  10 Responses to “Loved Ones Come Through”

  1. Very insightful

  2. Hi Jay, today is my birthday and I was wondering if anyone is trying to reach out to me from the spirit end. Thanks,

  3. HI Jay how are you? i had a chance to meet you before in fall of 2011 it was very interresting n would like for you to read my contacts again if you feel anything for me out there things are ok just curious how things will unfold for me .


  4. Hoping to hear from my loved ones

  5. hi jay
    love the vlog!!!! just wanted to know if any of my loved ones have any messages for me?????mabey a hint on which path to take?

  6. Hi Jay,

    I’ve heard so many good things about you. My dad was killed on the job over 20 years ago and left our family with so many questions. Are you able to receive messages from a spirit that has been gone for so many years?

  7. Hi Jay,wondering if I have any messages from my loved ones, thanks, lori

  8. Hi Jay,
    This isn’t getting easier. Does he have a message for any of us maybe to make us smile?
    Take care

  9. Hello Jay, can’t wait to have my in person meeting with you later this year.

    Just wondering what loved ones are around me on a daily basis and what messages that they may have.

    Trying to stay strong and positive.

    Thanks Jay
    Blessing to you

  10. Hi Jay,
    Love your wisdom and insights.. I am feeling blocked and would love to know what my life purpose is.

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